Our Processing Services

Here below please see the different upgrading processes and services that we can offer you for food applications spices and herbs:


  • Refining / milling
    Our 14 mill facilities with different grinding technologies are run by experienced specialists which makes us top of the class for grinding purposes of spices and natural products.
  • Cleaning with our „HGM-TOP-cleaned“ technique
    With our 8 different cleaning units we eliminate foreign matters accurately.
  • Cutting, crushing, milling
    3 cutting units as well as several different cutting mills cut your products precisely to the desired refinement.
  • HGM-Select opto-electronic color selection
    High definition digital cameras scan the product for impurities, irrespective of the size and weight. Excellent results with spice seeds.
  • Metal check, magnetic cleaning, stone screening, sieving
    By the use of our 10 plants for product safety and sieving, we can meet highest quality requirements.
  • Mixing
    6 mixing plants are available for your requirements.